About the Blog

Back in my college Greek class, I learned that the name “Dorothy” actually comes from Greek and means “Gift of God.”

My wife and I reflected recently on the particular Gifts we’ve had in our lives. My own grandmother Dorothy Haycraft; her great-Aunt Dot DePalma, and of course the Catholic social activist Dorothy Day who has influenced my own life, ideals, and Catholic identity.

In fact I’ve come to think of Dorothy Day as the unofficial patron saint of bloggers. She spent her life writing personal reflections of faith and life and finding the connections between the two. And it was out of her writings that her life of service, of discipleship, of love and communion with God and neighbor, was made real. Words can be powerful gifts in their own right, which manifest themselves in our life.

The world is full of Doro Theos — of Gifts from God. One needs only look around, pause a moment, connect with the innumerable gifts that make up each day. Finding those connections is what this blog is about.